Missives from the Bat Tower

Doing 23 Things all in the name of Web 2.0

Thing 7: Flickr

Week 3 is all about copyright and how we can find things on the web to reuse without any copyright infringement. I’m brand new to blogging and shamefully when I was searching Google images for things to brighten up this blog copyright didn’t cross my mind. Despite the fact that as an Archivist I’m used to the headache of finding copyright holders and gaining permission for users to copy and publish material. I guess I just thought, if Google images has it I can use it. Oops.

 So thing 7 has come as a handy reminder that I should be thinking about these things more carefully and rooting out content which is open for use rather than just taking what I please. Our task for this thing is to add a Creative Commons photo from Flickr to our blog.

Flickr allows to narrow your search down to only those images which are available to use through Creative Commons licences which is really useful and brings up some really great quality images. All the copyright info is there so you can credit the creator properly. Easy peasy.

 A search for ‘archives’ brings up a huge range of images but I thought this one sums up quite nicely how neat and tidy I wish the archive stores looked:

(c) Ohio University Libraries Flickr

(c) Ohio University Libraries Flickr

We do actually have a Flickr account for RHUL archives although this was set up as a test before my time here and hasn’t been added to since. It is something that we are thinking about using more although I’m slightly tentative as I would prefer to have our digital content online in a way that has better links back to our archive catalogue. Having said that, it does open up our content to new audiences and that can only be a good thing.


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