Missives from the Bat Tower

Doing 23 Things all in the name of Web 2.0

Thing 14: Going beyond Google

New Year Google doodle

This thing is designed to make us think beyond Google and try out other search engines. Why bother? I hear you cry. Well quite.

I have tried other search engines before, partly because it took me quite some time to work out how to change the default search engine in the Internet Explorer box from Bing and partly because the Nectar points tool bar uses Yahoo! and you get Nectar points each time you do two searches. I found both quite frustrating as the results just aren’t as relevant as the ones you get with Google. I even find that often websites own search boxes aren’t as good as just searching via Google. Google may well be taking over the world but as it does what it does very well I’m extremely reluctant to change to something else.

I decided to try one last time to break my Google habit and opened up Zuula which searches across lots of the main search engines so that you can compare the different results they bring back. I entered my name as the search term and what came back was pretty indicative of why I don’t use any other search engines. The Google results were returned almost instantly but when I clicked on the tabs for Bing and Yahoo searches both of them came up with this message:

Sorry but results from Bing/Yahoo are currently not available or are being returned too slowly.

Please try again later or try another search engine (tab).

 Nuff said.


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