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Backstit.ch: Cool Extra Thing 1

So apart from the 23 Things which form the core of the program, we also have the option to explore Cool Extra Things once in a while. The first one of these is Backstit.ch, a web aggregator. Or aggravator in my case.

On the face of it it sounds like a good idea, you just have to check one place for all your internet feeds including blog posts, tweets and lots of other exciting things. The account itself was easy to set up, you need a username and password and then you can allow access to your other accounts. I set it up to contain the Library Twitter feed (as I use @RHUL_Library for tweeting about archives news) and to show my Google Reader account. So far so good, but when I went to the page it was supposed to display on it showed me nothing. Hmmm.

After a few minutes of ‘But WHY isn’t it WORKING??’ I remembered that there was a note on the home page saying my Internet Explorer isn’t the most up to date so things might not display properly, or in fact at all it seems. I don’t have admin rights so couldn’t update to the newest version but I thought I’d try Firefox instead. This worked and it showed what it was supposed to but the downside is that I don’t really like Firefox and it means opening up a different browser each time I want to check Backstit.ch.

To be honest the whole thing didn’t really seem worth it, I suspect people who are using more than the two services I’ve added will find it useful but I think I’ll stick to checking Twitter and Google Reader separately for now. If I find myself checking them more frequently than I currently do or using lots of other services I may come Backstit.ch but for the moment it’s definitely on the back burner.

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