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The end of 23 Things?

do all the things

Today we had our celebration to mark the end of 23 Things. Helen and the 23 Things team provided some yummy cakes and biscuits and I managed to nab a cup of tea – a lovely way to spend half an hour with colleagues. We had a bit of a discussion between us about what we had thought of the program and overall the feedback was positive (this may be due to the fact that it was a celebration of the project and if you didn’t enjoy it even the prospect of free food may not have lured you in). Some felt it was really helpful to have the weekly sessions so that help could be given when needed. I would have liked to attend the sessions but unfortunately didn’t manage to get to any but the first one because they fell when the bat tower is open to researchers and we were overrun with them last term! When I did have any queries I emailed Helen and she was quick to respond but it would have been nice to get an idea of how other people were getting on (face to face rather than virtually).

I haven’t finished all of the 23 Things yet but I think I will carry on with the ones I’ve missed out but so far my top three have got to be:

 1. Blogging and Google Reader (I’m lumping these together because they’re both about blogs)

 2. Twitter (turns out there are loads of Archivists on Twitter!)

 3. Dropbox (this is the one which will be most helpful to my day to day work)

But there are lots more of the Things that I will be using in my work in the coming months (e.g Evernote, Diigo and Screencast-o-matic).

Oh and guess what… I won a prize! (Turns out some people have actually been reading my blog.)

Thanks 23 Things team!

Thanks 23 Things team!

Watch this space for the remaining things…


Thing 23: Dropbox

Dropbox cartoon

Dropbox has changed my life and is the answer to all my woes.

Possibly a slight exaggeration but the 23 Things team have definitely saved the best ‘til last as I discovered today when trying to work out how to get a high res image from my computer to the BBC for use on tonight’s One Show programme without involving a CD and a motorbike. I’d heard of Dropbox before and thought it sounded quite useful but had never really had call to use it myself – I’ve used CDs before if I have a big file to give to someone. Now I have discovered it though, I will definitely be using it when I need to give an archive image to someone and it’s too big for an email attachment. It allows you to put files into your drop box which is then saved into cloud storage and any made available to any other device (PC, Mac, iPhone) that you have the software on. You can then share a file with other people and allow them to download it to their own computer. The only downside on the sharing files side of things is that if you want to share more than one file with someone who doesn’t have their own Dropbox account you have to send the link to them for each individual file but if they have their own you can share whole folders with them – great!

Dropbox is also going to be very useful when I’m wearing my other archival hat – Secretary for ARA South East – which involves me organising meetings and events. It will be so useful to be able to put all the documents into Dropbox so I have the most up to date version at my work and home computers and my mobile too. It will also let me share docs with other members of the committee which will be really useful and avoid me having to email everything to myself.

Dropbox might even be edging out Evernote as my favourite Thing because, although I love the Evernote tick list, I have found it a bit clunky when saving PDFs as notes and I think for Word Docs actually just keeping them in their original form is best for the purposes I want to use them for. Evernote, as the name suggests, is great for notes though so I will definitely still be using it!

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